Jul 13, 2017


hai hai hai

welcome back to my blog!

First at all I just make uols read this yes im from Malaysia but im not SHIKIN GOMEZ FANS.

Im Dorothy Fans haha I love her because she like a doll and be her self and not fake. I think the reason she kick out from astnm she Think a lot about other people which mean Her Bad girl Friends.. ok Closed

This is Maureen she the most beauty young in the Asian next top model.
I think maureen have exprience in modelling she just pretend that she inexperience in modelling.

I think the most favourite student yut sai is maureen. because maureen look determined each challange have been given.

In the astnm I follow all chap in their story.Also regarding maureen innocent and also been bullying in this show.

So my friends call her cindrella because she got beauty face and all other is her step sister hehe...

In the competition pinoy jenicca also be said that Maureen dont deserve to stay in astnm because she dont have talent and just beauty face only.

I also Read in instagram facebook that wrote MAUREEN DONT DESER TO WIN ASTNM.Should win shikin gomez.many criticisms and people feel unfair for shikin gomez.

In other side some people said that maureen always possing centre to show she beauty face.

But For me ,maureen possing in CENTRE MOOD  is work and worth because NOW SHE BE ASTNM even though many people questioning why she have been pick as winner???

but for me maureen already fight so hard to be there n win!

Shikin gomez potentially,talented andreal model quality. I think if AMERICA next top model she will be an winner. Because they not choose because u are cute,PRETTY FACE,innocent,be bullying and inexperience.The choose TALENT!

I think now shikin quite more famouse then winner eventhough she 2nd runner.

She look powerfull right.I also read some people said she to ugly beeing model ,like a man n smell stinky just by looking faced. PEOPLE LIKE WE CALL WITH LOW IQ EQ BECAUSE they judge people by beauty face only

nevermine my mom said no  2 always the best so shikin Good luck for carriers .go shikin go!

Dorothy is my lulaby!love u !

maureen vs shinkin

What do u think?

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